Movement Matters

with Alan McDermott and Vincent Cacialano

Movement Matters - exercise therapy 

The Feldenkrais Method and Somatic-Movement is taught, unfortunately, mostly in Urban Centres around the world, we are offering this experience in rural Suffolk.

Often we hear people speak about issues like lower-back pain, stiff and sore joints, and or reccurring injuries. Most often, however, the ways that people rectify or modify these issues only offer temporary relief, if any, and the issues reoccur. Often this is because not enough attention is paid to the "how" of movement- the approach, mind -state, quality and effort of movement, as well as, the alignment of the joints. Being told to conform to what is apparently right, without first understanding and becoming aware of how we choose to do a movement, forfeits one of the most improtant parts of learning new information, which is identifying our habits. These are issues that, most likely, cannot be fully understood in just one sesssion. So, to make change curiousity, self-awareness, consistnecy and discipline are required. 

This workshop addresses how the body can be used more effectively to avoid misuse, and to create more ease and movement understanding. 

We will approach moving from the inside out, learning about our body's structure and design for movement in a relaxed atmosphere. Each individual can connect to themselves learning crucial information that supports all aspects of movement. The work is informed by the Feldenkrais Method and Somatic-Movement, forms of body/movement education that utilises gentle movement and directed attention to improve posture, ease of movement, and over-all human functioning. 

The entire workshop will incorporate exercises that work to release tension, increase movement potential, coordination, integration and range, and facilitate a deeper sense of body awareness and inner and outer connectivity.

All levels of experience are welcome. 

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"Movement is life, life is a process, improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself”
Moshe Feldenkrais.