a Co.AV event at OT301

Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam. 5th - 13th December 2017

Workshop Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December.

Feldenkrais workshop: Your Spine with Alan McDermott.

Bodlabot Studio, First floor. 2.00 - 6.00pm

In this two day workshop you will study your spine through practical Awareness Through Movement Lessons of the Feldenkrais Method. How well do you know your own spine? How articulate is it? Do you over or under use some parts more than others or does it rotate more in one direction than the other? Working with the approach of "differentiating in order to integrate" you will explore the indiosyncracies of your spine in flexion, extension and rotation, it's role in the use of the eyes, head and pelvis and how the spine can support the use of the limbs. Workshop is open to everyone. Please bring something to lie on like a Yoga/Exercise mat or blanket.

Both days: 80 euros. 1 day: 50 euros.

Register: lunamatisse@yahoo.it


Workshops Tuesday 5th and 12th December.

Practical Research with Vincent Cacialano.

Bodlabot Studio, First floor. 7.30 - 9.30pm

I am interested in performing Improvisation in groups, having toured extensively with Katie Duck and Magpie. I propose simple starting points to begin a class focussing on the interaction of a performers social impulses, alongside more abstract approaches: participants utilise and craft the exchange of energy between them. With an interest in the potential of counterpoint, the work considers compositional tools with cracks in them, considering leaks, spillage and misunderstanding as materials to work with. We develop the work in reference to relevant practitioners, writers and theorists in the field in order to gain a sense of context. Melinda Buckwalter's writing on Duck and Magpie help me illuminate my interest in chance encounters, "not the cool cerebral ones of Merce Cunningham but those of star-crossed lovers, vengeful enemies and long-lost friends."

1 day: 12 euros. 2 days: 20 euros.

Register: lunamatisse@yahoo.it

Performance 13th December. 20.30pm. 7 euros.

Eyes Closed Rehearsal

Dance: Manuela Tessi

Choreography: Vincent Cacialano with Manuela Tessi

Film and Animation: Vincent Cacialano and Alan McDermott

Music: Jong Kag Park

Animation Project

Film and Animation: Vincent Cacialano and Alan McDermott.

Music: Jong Kag Park


Dance: Sylvia Bennett, Vincent Cacialano, Makiko Ito, Andrea Pisano, Manuela Tessi, Iris Van Peppen, Thalia Laric.

Music: Ben Brown